Who We Are

We are a group of individuals who came together for three reasons.

To offer a presence for high quality lingerie with an exceptional fitting service in the area we live in. We believe that high quality lingerie is a must for every woman and that the investment is worth the return. Our lingerie typically lasts much longer than that bought on the high street and the fit is far superior.

To offer an online presence that engages you, our audience, with both a retail channel and a forum and blog. We hope that our forum will flourish with excitement and creative thoughts on all manner of topics starting with Lingerie, Fashion and Health and Wellbeing AKA Beauty.

To make money. We are here to make money and that is, along with everything else, the most important part of why we are here. The fact that we want to make money means that we will strive to offer you the best quality service that your money can buy. We won’t make money if we let you down and this we know very well. So there it is our third reason is financial. To look after our families and our employees and their families.