Non-Wired Soft Bra

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    Twin Firm – Soft Bra – Rosa Faia


    The Twin Firm Soft Bra from Rosa Faia provides optimum support to the wearer with the seamless pre-formed SuperMicro combined with powerful tulle.

    The stretchy and decorative neckline band which moulds around the bust and special design features for the perfect fit creates amazing comfort for all breast-types and sizes.

    Skin, Black and White are the three colour choices included with the Twin Firm Soft Bra from Rosa Faia.

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    Lace Rose – Soft Bra – Rosa Faia


    The Lace Rose Soft Bra from Rosa Faia is airy and comfortable with a modern look owing to the full lace cups and the lace-decorated shoulder bands.

    The stretch neckline band with a soft backing and the flat and fleecy shoulder bands make for optimum support and comfort.

    The Lace Rose Soft Bra comes in a choice of two colour themes: Black or Champagne.

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    Twin – Soft Bra – Rosa Faia


    The Twin Soft Bra from Rosa Faia uses double-layered, pre-formed cups in breathable microfibre; these features create a natural breast shape, support and comfort. A little luxury is added with the silk surface of the bra.

    Additional design features have been incorporated in the larger sizes to ensure maximum comfort and support for everyone.

    The Twin Soft Bra comes in an array of five different Anita colours to match your needs: Black, White, Skin, Eggplant and Champagne.

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    Breastfeeding – Maternity/Nursing Soft Bra – Anita Maternity


    The Maternity/Nursing Soft Bra from Anita Maternity is a bra that can be worn both during and after pregnancy as a nursing bra. The soft and seamless features of this bra make it perfect for wearing at night whilst the breathable quality of the material makes it luxuriously comfortable. The ‘wrap-over’ design of the bra provides easy breastfeeding access, the cups feature high-stretch fabric which can expand as necessary over the course of pregnancy and the additional ‘powercontrol’ panel of the bra maintains a natural bust shape.

    The Maternity/Nursing Soft Bra from Anita Maternity is available in either Black or White.

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The Non-Wired Soft Bra is the choice of woman who opt for it either for comfort or a lack of trust in wire bra’s.

The majority of woman do not wear the correct size bra, therefore making a wire bra uncomfortable; This is why soft bras are often seen to be more comfortable.

Non-wired bras also need to fit correctly to get the right support but they are not our preference for the larger cup.

Lingerie fitting should be like health checks at least once every year you should get yourself checked to make sure you are still in the right bra.

Teens should wear non-wired bras, unless they are checked by a lingerie stylist at regular times as their breasts grow, therefor Wires need to be very soft

Our favourite is the new Rosa Faia Josephine by Anita trendy and always in a new colour.