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  • Anita Active (6)

    We cannot praise Anita Active enough! The design team at Anita have excelled themselves and as a result they very much deserve the many awards they have received for the work they have done in sportswear lingerie.It is the award winning design and functuality and modern design that we love about the Anita Active range.We like the fabrics that are breathable and sweat absorbing leaving us feeling comfortable and dry Anita Active does all of this.They are the only lingerie sportswear we stock and that is for a reason. Trust us, from sports bras to pants Anita Active offer only the best so invest!
  • Anita Care (6)

    The Anita Care creator was Dr Christine Weber Unger  Mother of the current owner. She could see the need for creating special articles to support woman who had undergone breast surgery.The dedication Anita has made to produce lingerie for those who have undergone breast reconstruction, reduction or removal show's this companies compassion. Because breast surgery needs follow up treatment and care the Anita range offers the best available lingerie for this time of healing.The Anita Care range offer comfort and a secure fit giving a natural look and confidence.The care range includes specific products to support a fast healing process such as, the compression bra and bandages to prevent from Lyphedema.Other ranges in the Anita care is swimwear and sports bras in trendy styles. They really do go the extra mile.
  • Anita Comfort (4)

    The Anita Comfort ranges focuses on a comfortable fit, good support and subtle style using the finest of soft fabrics being kind to our skin.The Anita Comfort range eschews fashionable trends instead offering time honoured styles that bring elegance and beauty without compromising on comfort.The comfort range is a must have for any lingerie drawer when you need to just sit back and relax but equally versatile to take on a hard days work.So if comfort is what you are after then look no further. They have an extensive range and a reputation for comfortable lingerie.
  • Anita Maternity (11)

    The Anita Maternity range was devised by Dr Christine Weber Unger mother of the present owner, for creating underwear for pregnant woman. So another big thank you to her!Anita Maternity bras, briefs, Seamless bustiers without underwires and matching briefs.Maternity belts and maternity ReBelt panty, wire and non wired nursing bras up to a J cup.Anita Maternity swimwear is so glam you will love your BumpWe are so proud to offer this brand to you during your pregnancy and feeding  as well as while regaining your figure Anita have the products.Anita will be your bosom's best friend giving you support all the way through.
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Anita was founded in 1886 by Ernst Max Helbrg the Great Grandfather of the owner today George Weber Urger.

In 1886 Anita manufactured for men and woman body belts, braces and developed the use of elastic in undergarment manufacturing.

Corsets went into production by Anita in 1890 and were in style at the time.


Perfection is Anita. They go to great lengths to manufacture the perfect product. Having visited their factories we know that their heart is in striving for perfection and comfort in fit.

As they write on their website:

All of our products are developed specifically with the various figures and requirements of our customers in mind: for fuller figures or large busts, for breastfeeding mums or sporty, active women – our underwear collections offer something for everyone, also for women who have undergone breast surgery.


They are now putting great efforts in expanding their fashion collections and are succeeding wonderfully.

In a league of their own they will plot their course as they see fit. We look forward to their future ranges and introducing them to you.

Their creative team are always seeking new trends and they never stop focusing on improving their ranges even after years of experience, they strive to give you the best.


The next snippet from their website should give you a sense of how they care for the women who wear their products and go the extra mile to make women’s lives more enhanced by their technical ingenuity:

Since 1886 we have strived to achieve outstanding quality and create unique articles. We go the extra mile on a daily basis for the women who wear our products, aiming to enhance their quality of life, comfort and appearance.

Our articles are often distinguished by “mini monopoles” – technical ingenuities or special features which are often hidden or cannot be seen at first glance, but which make a huge difference to comfort and the feeling of well-being when worn or used on a daily basis.


We can say that Anita is among the top lingerie manufacturers in the world and are still run as a family owned business to this day.

They hold themselves to a high standard and win our award for being so honest and dedicated to what they do.

Again in their own words:

We are a traditional family company based in Brannenburg, Upper Bavaria, and managed by Georg Weber-Unger and his two sons Georg and Johannes: the company’s fourth generation. We develop and design all our articles in Brannenburg, a site beautifully located on the edge of the Alps.

We own and operate four production sites around the world, where around 800 seamstresses work on ANITA and ROSA FAIA articles. All in all, we operate 20 of our own sites world wide and employ over 1,600 members of staff.

ANITA employees are part of our family. Many members of our staff have been with us for over 30 years, some are even sons or daughters of former employees!