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  • Anita (27)


    Anita was founded in 1886 by Ernst Max Helbrg the Great Grandfather of the owner today George Weber Urger.In 1886 Anita manufactured for men and woman body belts, braces and developed the use of elastic in undergarment manufacturing.Corsets went into production by Anita in 1890 and were in style at the time.


    Perfection is Anita. They go to great lengths to manufacture the perfect product. Having visited their factories we know that their heart is in striving for perfection and comfort in fit.As they write on their website:
    All of our products are developed specifically with the various figures and requirements of our customers in mind: for fuller figures or large busts, for breastfeeding mums or sporty, active women – our underwear collections offer something for everyone, also for women who have undergone breast surgery.


    They are now putting great efforts in expanding their fashion collections and are succeeding wonderfully.In a league of their own they will plot their course as they see fit. We look forward to their future ranges and introducing them to you.Their creative team are always seeking new trends and they never stop focusing on improving their ranges even after years of experience, they strive to give you the best.


    The next snippet from their website should give you a sense of how they care for the women who wear their products and go the extra mile to make women's lives more enhanced by their technical ingenuity:
    Since 1886 we have strived to achieve outstanding quality and create unique articles. We go the extra mile on a daily basis for the women who wear our products, aiming to enhance their quality of life, comfort and appearance.Our articles are often distinguished by "mini monopoles" – technical ingenuities or special features which are often hidden or cannot be seen at first glance, but which make a huge difference to comfort and the feeling of well-being when worn or used on a daily basis.


    We can say that Anita is among the top lingerie manufacturers in the world and are still run as a family owned business to this day.They hold themselves to a high standard and win our award for being so honest and dedicated to what they do.Again in their own words:
    We are a traditional family company based in Brannenburg, Upper Bavaria, and managed by Georg Weber-Unger and his two sons Georg and Johannes: the company's fourth generation. We develop and design all our articles in Brannenburg, a site beautifully located on the edge of the Alps.We own and operate four production sites around the world, where around 800 seamstresses work on ANITA and ROSA FAIA articles. All in all, we operate 20 of our own sites world wide and employ over 1,600 members of staff.ANITA employees are part of our family. Many members of our staff have been with us for over 30 years, some are even sons or daughters of former employees!
  • Aubade (5)

    Every man and woman should have a piece of Aubade the luxurious playful french brand.Aubade is luxury with exquisite laces and embroideries and finest of fabrics.Making a woman at ease with her body and plays on our feminity and seductive power.The most beautiful bridal lingerie, flawlesly  feminine and seductive. Half cup bras to strapless and beautiful Italian briefIs it the waspie or the suspender belt? Every bride should have one  stocking are so tantalising, then the garter!The mens range is, AuBADe, for the man that loves and appreciates luxury.The boxers are fun, stretch comfort and elegance, why not treat him or if you are shopping for her indulge for yourself.Aubade is fun  for both man and woman, enticing and keeps us curious, enjoy!
  • Marie Jo (22)

    Marie Jo was born in the eighties and has become a favourite with woman who like to feel confident in there inner self.The designers of Marie Jo are continually creating timeless pieces.The iconic collection of Avero  known to most woman as the daisy bra.The Jane is  one of the collections having pieces to make most brides feel comfortable,supported and seductive.The collections are strong and using beautiful fabrics and changing each season keeping up with fashion on the catwalk.The wonderful fits and attention to detail, not knowing you are wearing a bra makes Marie Jo stand out.
  • Marie Jo L'Aventure (10)

    Marie Jo L Aventure  was created in 1997 in Belgium there motto created for living and loving.The elegance of the collections are stylish, simplicity and no visible line.It is a sporty look and and supports you through out the day.The designers are inspired by art deco, graphical designs and therefor exciting us with there dynamic styles.The prints on the fabrics are timeless and elegant and smooth.The iconic Tom is always available in a fashion colour, perfect fit with soft fabrics.Marie Jo L'Aventure present new collections, new colours staying in with the new trends in fashion.Because this is still a well kept secret of minimalist lingerie we would like to introduce you, also going up to a F cup. 
  • Prima Donna

    Prima Donna (27)

    Prima Donna is a wonderful brand because they truly understand the larger cup.A luxury lingerie. Most importantly we love their commitment to finding that perfect fit and going up to a J cup.They keep us up to date with the latest trends and seasonal colours. Prima Donna work to balance fashion and fit to perfection.Yes Prima Donna is our luxury brand with an eye for detail they use the most beautiful and delicate embroidaries and lace.From seasoned designers choosing the fabrics working closely with up to 10 testers, going back and forward between the two they produce the perfect fit. Because that perfect fit is number one to them.Did we tell you that a great deal is done by hand with finest of components. Their average bra has 40 to 60 components.We love Prima Donna because we feel confident both wearing and selling them, therefore we are know you will be supported and gorgeous and feel so good.Enjoy wearing Prima Donna.... We do!
  • Prima Donna Twist (8)

    The younger sister of Prima Donna is Prima Donna Twist born in 2010.Not only a favourite amongst the young, but all ages looking for preformed cup up to a G.If you wear this brand, I don't have to tell you about the fit and comfort Prima Donna Twist offers the larger breast.Great plunges in the larger cups without style restriction.The designers are always up with the latest trends and detail.Our favourite with in the collection Ala Folie, always in a fashion colour.We love the slip and Luxury thongs and the luptious bdy.We can go on about the balconette preformed up to a G giving such great support and abeautiful natural cleavage.
  • Rosa Faia (27)

     Hullo,  Celebrating 30 years of Rosa Faia by Anita who have given us uncompromised fit.Not only do they provide us with Lingerie but a wonderful all year round of swimwear.Look how far they have come and followed by woman in the know.A lingerie brand we can trust who keep creating new and younger lines with soft fabrics.The larger cup sizes can be found in the ranges going up to a J cup. The perfect fit is of comfort.Yes they do offer small back sizes starting at a 30 going up to a 44 Back.look no further the body forming underwear thar gently sculpts hips tummy and legs.It is the brand that ticks all the boxes for attention to detail and practice sustainabilty.
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The couture brands we bring are handpicked they marriage fashion and technical design.

They  are luxurious in comfort and elegance, with great attention to detail.

Always ahead in fashion with the latest colours and fabrics.

The designers are always looking to bring that exclusive fitting to you this is a major criteria when choosing.

A very important part in selecting our brands is that quality cannot be compromise, also practice sustainibilty.

We know you will love them for there attention to detail.

Giving you that feel of inner confidence, yes I am beautiful inside and out.