Our Shop

We believe that the web cannot stand on it’s own. So our website is more an extension of our shop than a separate entity running on it’s own.

When you enter our shop you will be greeted with the sweet smell of the Jasmine flower. You will feel an atmosphere of peace and tranquility from the start.

Our staff will offer you the highest quality of service. All of them are trained fitters and have experience in providing an exceptional service. You will be offered the finest lingerie but you won’t get much of a choice… And that’s a good thing! We choose only the best so while your choice may be limited you will have the freedom to choose lingerie of the finest quality.

We also believe that the customer isn’t always right. In fact we have found that the customer is often wrong. We will wrestle with you to get you into the right fitting bra not the most convenient sale. That way we can ensure we are giving you the best quality service. So expect us to say no to you when we think you are making the wrong choice. We do it because of our experience.

You will find our service to be discreet and respectful at all times and we welcome any complaints which can be made directly to Complaints@evokelingerie.co.uk We welcome both complaints and suggestions so that we can offer you a better service and our shop manager will look into your complaint and take action where necessary.