Deauville the best selling bra. It’s a legend.

Deauville - Balconnet Bra - Prima Donna

The Deauville bra has been around for a long time. It is a top seller and a favourite amongst so many of our customers that we have devoted our first blog post to it. But what is it that makes this the most popular bra we know of? Let’s try and delve into this topic a little deeper.

So to find out what is behind the Deauville range let’s take a look at the company that makes them. This is a quote from their own website about their development as a company.

Ode to Curves

PrimaDonna’s roots go way back to 1865. For a hundred and fifty years, PrimaDonna has kept the same goal: designing perfect-fitting luxury lingerie for naturally curved women who take a large cup.

PrimaDonna gives women who take a large cup the right support, always fits perfectly and creates an elegant female form – all the way up to a J cup. The result of expertise and especially unremitting passion.

In 2010 Van de Velde launched young sister PrimaDonna Twist. This lingerie collection puts a little more emphasis on foam cups, young styles and prints. It is a success story with a growing fan base.

In 2015, the brand celebrated its 150th anniversary.

Celebrating curves since 1865.

So now you know the history of the brand you can get a feeling for why the Deauville is such a special bra. There is a wealth of knowledge that has gone into it’s creation. It is a true creation that took years to develop not something slapped together in a few weeks. This bra is a work of art.

The image below illustrates the many components that have gone into the creation of the Deauville bra. In total there are 46 components that make up the Deauville Wire Bra and much of the process is hand finished.

The Pieces that go into a Deauville bra.

Now that we’ve filled you in on the importance of the Deauville range let’s looks at it in it’s entirety from start to finish.